WordPress 3.1 Admin Bar Missing

15 Mar 2011, Posted by Jessie Canon in PHP, Web Development, WordPress

I use WordPress for many of my clients, including myself, so I’ve been ecstatic over the changes since 3.0. However, in 3.1 I noticed that some of my WordPress sites displayed the new admin toolbar on their pages, while others did not. If you are logged in and just see a blank space with no admin bar, you are probably missing the wp_footer() tag in your footer.php file. Once I added that in, poof, problem solved.

  • Julia

    Thanks for this article. This is exactly the kind of simple, to the point information that I wish I could find more often. It made me realize what a great tool the admin bar is!

  • DOBrien

    Thanks so much for this tidbit! The admin bar was missing while editing my website and 30 minutes on the WordPress forums was fruitless! A very small, yet indispensable piece of info, thanks a ton!


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